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NAME: jessica
(so in light of the fact that everyone in the game has a pretty pointedly average-sounding name i did some stupid in-depth research on the average popularity of the characters' names and the couple of known surnames and using that math, i established that her last name could likely be johnson. but that's just barely a step above headcanon so i'm not going to use it unless last names come up in unavoidable conversation.)

AGE: 18
CANON: until dawon

HISTORY: a wiki!
it's worth noting, since until dawn is a highly-customizable game based on the choices made by the player, that i'm a terrible terrible person and am taking her from a route where she was the only one left alive by the interview at the end. this changed a few aspects of her route through the game - for example, she was alone in the caves rather than helped along by matt.


Until Dawn is a game meant to both parody and pay tribute to the age-old horror movie staple: Diverse group of teens takes reckless adventure into the woods to stay in a cabin far from civilization. They proceed to banter, sass, and have truly profound quantities of sex until something attempts (and often succeeds) to slaughter them one by one.

In that vein, Jess is not only the epitome of 'average girl' - she's a deliberate stereotype, custom-built as a throw-back to the days when teen horror movies didn't try too hard to be overly unique or original. She's literally the gorgeous teen bitch in the campy cabin movie, so that's definitely something to keep in mind.


At least on the outside, Jess is supremely confident. You can see it in her walk, hear it in her voice. When she makes a decision, she makes it with no doubt in her mind that it's the wrong one. And even more than that, she's confident in her body and her sexuality. As her voice-actor and face model puts it, "Jessica is... she has a whole lot of personality. She is definitely the sort of mean girl character that, y'know, at school she knows she's pretty, she knows that boys like her, and she is going to use it to her advantage."

She's also got no problem letting the world know she's a little bit wacky. Jess runs with whatever idea comes to mind, and usually does so with no lack of enthusiasm even if the idea is potentially dangerous. Like when, on the way to the cabin, Mike suggests there's a bear nearby and her first response is a declaration that she absolutely wants to hug it. That sort of 'omg jess stop' conversation happens on more than one occasion throughout the first stretch of the game, interspersed with silly jokes ("Are you okay??" "Yeah, I still have all seven of my limbs!")

Until the events at the cabin (and underneath it), Jess was fearless. If you wanted to argue, this kitty's got claws and she will absolutely inform you that she's hotter than you are and you're just jealous. If you want to physically fight, you're in luck: She's 100% down for that too. If there's a shitty situation, she'll turn to Mike for an answer but if he doesn't have one, she has no problem taking charge and figuring out a solution, even if it's not always the most logically sound one.

Jess is very trusting of others, but even more so than that, she's trusting of the world-view and reality as she perceives it. There's nothing even remotely shady about Josh inviting them warmly back to the cabin, and she doesn't put more than a second or two of thought into the various creepy things that happen as she and Mike make their way to the guest cabin early in the game. She's one of those people who's aware that bad shit happens but is firm in her belief that bad shit just doesn't happen to her. She trusts life and the world to have her back. At least, she did before the events of the game went down.

She's also very trusting of others. This shows in the way she interacts with them, bantering and touching easily with a sort of innate intimacy that can only come with trust. She also assumes that any given person is being straightforward and telling the truth because that's what she'd do. She's honest to a fault.

It's worth noting that at one point, as she and Mike stroll through the snow to head for the cabin (which is another thing - for the 'bitch' stereotype, she really doesn't complain all that much?? Just troopin' through the snow and over the mountain), they have to pass through some mines to make a new path in light of the old one being blocked, and despite the fact that these mines are old and abandoned and basically trash, she strolls right in and leans on the one single piece of wood across the gateway. It snaps, sending her falling to the ground ten feet below, but she absolutely had no thought in her mind that it was the logical result of leaning on a shitty old piece of wood. She just... trusted it to hold her up like every other piece of wood has held her up so far.

Jess is from a Sole Survivor route, but in an alternate playthrough in which Matt survived long enough to help her through the caves, she basically collapsed into him upon their reunion and depended heavily on him to lead her as she zombied her way through the caves behind him. That's how she handles trauma, if the option is available: To disappear into someone who has the situation more under control than she does.

And despite having only dated him for a few months, Sole Survivor Jess in her end-game interview spends most of the scene- well, being totally confused, but almost all of the clarity she reaches in that ending scene centers around her abrupt and firm insistence that Mike came for her. He tried to save her. He did. Unwavering trust in the heart of this man she, for all intents and purposes, hardly knew.

Jessica literally just does not give a single fuck who she offends or how. Jess is Jess and she does her Jess thing and it's your own personal fault if you have a problem with whatever that Jess thing happens to be. She has zero trouble talking about people's flaws or especially about sex, nor does she seem to have any issue bringing up topics that would otherwise not be mentioned - like when she mentions to her boyfriend Mike that their friend Josh was flirting with her. Bonus points for his offer to invite him up to the cabin with them and her response: "Wait, really??" No shame. Speaking of No Shame, I have to at least mention the scene where she spent approximately 30 seconds in her underwear screaming into the snowy great outdoors about what amazing sex she and Mike were about to have so fuck you all.

She's the kind of got an asshole sense of humor, scaring the shit out of Mike (who was nervous already) on their way up to the cabin and even affectionately calling his shout 'a little ladylike scream' after she did so. It almost sounds like she's making fun of him, and that's how it is with Jess. You just have to assume she's just giving you shit and take it for what it is. She has two real modes: Giving you shit or bitchy as fuck. If she's smiling, it's the former. In fact, even if you're dead serious, she'll probably give you shit and then proceed to give you more shit for taking it so seriously.

The cool part is, she's weirdly easy to get along with aside from that. She doesn't go looking for fights (though she'll welcome them if they find her), she doesn't insult people to their faces unless they come at her, and she's the life of any given gathering. Jess is just as capable if not more capable of being sweet as she is of being a bitch. As long as you can deal with her honesty and openness (and her ego), she's actually pretty easy to get along with.


Jess is from the sole survivor ending. This means a couple of things. 1: Everyone she came to that mountain with is dead, she found this out in the interrogation after they evacuated her. This includes her boyfriend and her former best friend. 2: She has no idea what the fuck happened in there. Not a single fucking clue. Everyone else in the game finds out about wendigos at some point, but Jess is just fuckin' attacked by one and then spends the rest of the game wandering the caves in fear of the unknown whatever-the-fuck-is-after-her.

Her life is basically a wreck. Her dreams of being a model are fucked, thanks to the newfound scars on her face - and with that goes a lot of her confidence in her appearance. She'll be more inclined to use voice than video for a while, though she'll get over that after a bit and transition into defiance instead. Defiance fits her much better, she thinks.

That's the least of her problems, anyway. She jumps at every sound anymore, she makes sure her doors are locked time after time at night and still doesn't feel any better. Her confidence is shaken in every way, and this may have been the kick in the ass that she needed to stop being quite so carelessly shitty to people she cares about (like Em, with whom she's been fighting). In fact, it's probably the kick in the ass she needed to sincerely re-evaluate her life in basically every single way. But first, she'll have to graduate past the 'curled up in bed literally all day forever' phase, because that's absolutely her first response. She's just done done done done done.

literally just her underwear and a dirty bloody green jacket

she is a normal girl, basically. she's pretty sharp and so is her tongue, good with verbal words although probably not in writing quite so much. She's scrappy and can hold her own in a fight against another non-powered girl with no real training, but beyond that she's essentially fucked. Speaking of fucked, she can fuck like a champ. She'd like to consider that her greatest skill.

She's pretty broken down and afraid nowadays, basically the ultimate trauma teen, but other flaws she'll ease back into include her brashness and irreverence and her tendency to rub people wrong with her overconfidence and often bitchiness. On the inside (we find out in a confession to Mike), she's actually a lot more insecure than she lets on, so it's probably at least partially overcompensative 'confidence' that she's displaying. She also puts little real thought toward her future, not terribly concerned with not getting good grades etc, with aspirations of modeling rather than a long-term career.


[ it's a tribute to the utter mindfuck of last couple of days that waking up in the cold and the dim leaves jess basically no more confused than she already was. in fact, it hardly even rustles up any real alarm. it'd be pretty hard to find a degree of alarm strong enough to break through the numb that set in when she found out that mike, emily, and everyone else on that mountain were dead.

in a way though, the numb's beneficial. it occurs to her, as she clumsily pulls her hands underneath her and pushes herself up off the ground, that she'd probably be panicking right about now. almost guaranteed. it's a little jarring, in a way that almost feels like actual physical dizziness, not that that's stopping her from sitting up the rest of the way. because wherever this is, it's not where she's supposed to be. she's supposed to be - god, i don't know, somewhere with a bed? with blankets she can curl up in and just not exist for a while while she figures out how to process all of the -

fuck, what was that?? the sound of something shifting nearby has her startling - no, flinching. that was definitely a flinching motion, her hands finding the ground to scramble back a few feet.

but it's a person, a regular person, and even more than that, they aren't even looking her way. they're passing through like it's nothing, like this isn't some big stone motherfucker straight out of rome or greece or something.

it occurs to her, for lack of better ideas, that maybe she should follow. maybe they know what's going on, because she should definitely care what's going on. 'should' being the operative word, but whatever, she's shakily getting to her feet to hurry after the person, her mind torn between speaking up to ask questions and keeping her mouth shut so she doesn't have to do the conversation thing. they'll probably notice her before she decides. good work, jess. A+.
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NAME: trace
AGE: 23
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CHARACTERS PLAYED: also applying for april ludgate


NAME: jessica
no canon last name, but that bothered me because it's not like she's cher or something so i thought, 'everyone in this game has super horror-trope common teen names' and did research on name statistics and the last name with the same level of popularity in los angeles as jessica is 'johnson', so if possible at all i'm rolling with 'jessica johnson'

CANON: until dawn
AGE: 18
CANON POINT: endgame, sole survivor route

this is her wiki, but as for the specific choices her version of this story included: jess managed to survive getting attacked and flung down the mine shaft with minimal scarring wounds and broken/cracked bones, but when she made it through the mines - alone, i might add, as matt was already dead by then - she emerged to a flaming lodge and the rescue workers plus the later interrogators informing her that her friends were dead.

she's approached by the men from eudio directly after her interrogation, whether they swap into the interrogation room itself or just approach her on the way out. at that point, jess is still this horrible haunted fucked-up mess of a girl with no idea what even happened, so the incentive that comes out of that is, she just wants to forget it ever happened. this is probably going to bite her in the ass once her head's on straight again after a little time, because it's pretty obvious that forgetting about the whole lodge weekend has some definite flaws, so that'll be fun internal conflict to play with.

as for fit, jess is probably the most touchy-feely and openly sexual person in the entire cast. after everything that happened, she's 0% okay with doing the do with anyone but mike, but i also think her need for some kind of contact in general has only intensified since the events of the game, so cuddlesville will be quite beneficial to her overall.

there are a couple of different threads here on her test drive starter! c: also, i offered a lovely text-wall here on her state post-canon with just a mildly different ending, and this is a bit more 'normal jess' once everything cools off.

nothing coming to mind!


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